Prime Minister Imran Khan: All economic indicators highlight a positive trend

The prime minister directed the economic team members to highlight the government's successes in the media.

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On Monday, Prime Minister Imran Khan chaired a political committee meeting to review the country’s overall political situation and the government’s media strategy.

The prime minister directed the economic team members to highlight the government’s successes in the media.

All economic indicators are highlighting a positive trend,” the Prime Minister said while lamenting the opposition over spreading propaganda against the government regarding inflation.



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The Prime Minister maintained that it was due to the previous governments’ policies that the masses were suffering.

“We have overcome the effects of their economic decisions after two years of work, and at last, the economy is witnessing stability,” he added.

The premier also stated that the benefit of the growing economy would soon be shifted to the masses.

“The economic team should disseminate facts among masses as to how previous governments ruined the economy,” he said, adding that the public gatherings in Swat and Hafizabad once again proved that PTI enjoyed the confidence of the masses.

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Meanwhile, The National Food Security Minister, Syed Fakhar Imam called on Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday and briefed him on the country’s availability of essential items.

The meeting discussed the introduction of modern seed technology in the agricultural sector and its importance for increasing agri-productions.

The Prime Minister emphasized the need for strict monitoring of food items’ timely availability and directed the minister to provide relief to the general public.

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