Prime Minister’s Office releases official portraits of the first lady Bushra Bibi

All the online biography pages have been edited with official photos to tackle fake news.

To tackle fake news and circulation of unauthentic images of the first lady of Pakistan Bushra Bibi, the Prime Minister’s Office has released official portraits. Since she observes full veil and covers her face for religious reasons, there were a lot of fake pictures associated with her.

Addressing the issue, the PM Office released official photos of the first lady and updated all the related information on online pages.

The following official photos were released:




Updated profile of the First Lady Bushra Bibi:



Bushra Bibi is the wife of Prime Minister Imran Khan. She originates from the town of Pakpattan, located 250 km southwest of Lahore.

The town is known for being home to the Shrine of Baba Farid.

At an interview Bushra Bibi said, “I am sure Imran Khan will fulfill his promises to Pakistan. Allah has given us a great responsibility. Power comes and goes. Imran Khan aims to eliminate poverty from the country. He wants to improve the health and education system in Pakistan.”

Bushra Bibi has described PM Imran Khan as an “extremely simple man”.

Talking about the PTI’s slogan and promise of ‘change’, she claimed that only PM Imran can bring about the promised change in the country but it would take time.

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  • MA Sha Allah. I always like her personality. She has honourable looks. And No doubt as a couple both look very graceful. MA Sha Allah.

  • This marriage sounds very suspicious, a weird marriage of two entirely opposite personalities 6 months before he become PM. Also she left her previous marriage to marry IK, we had heard of arranged marriages but this is the 1st arranged divorce!!

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