Principal Of Cadet College Mastung Arrested After The Video Of Students Being Brutally Beaten Goes Viral

There are arguments whether or not negative reinforcement in educational institutions have a positive impact on a student when it comes to teaching discipline or not but it is sure as hell that torturing them has no benefitting impact. Use of disproportionate corporal punishment in schools per evidence has a more negative impact on student’s personality.

A recent study, as reported by Human Rights Watch, showed that the schools that allow corporal punishments showed worse academic results as compared to those who prohibit it. Moreover, the students showed symptoms of depression, anger and behaviour issues as well.

However knowing the damages, the practice continues to be accepted at institutions across Pakistan. One horrifying incident was reported at Cadet College Mastung in Balochistan and caused a social media frenzy after the video went viral.

The recorded clip showed students being subjected to extreme physical abuse and torture, which was severely disturbing to watch. After the video made it to prominent social media platforms, Mastung police sprung in action and arrested the principal after Balochistan High Court ordered.

As per available reports, the principal was directly involved in the incident as he himself gave a go-ahead for the punishment. A petition was filed condemning the ill-treatment of students in the institute after which the court took up the case. Chief Justice Muhammad Noor Maskanzai headed the two-member bench that included Justice Hashim Kakar and himself. Aitzaz Goraya, DIG Counter-Terrorism Department (CTD), was called up to the court as well. The DIG told the court that:

‘’The principal of Mastung Cadet College, Javed Iqbal Bangash, has been arrested today on the court’s orders. Steps are being taken to arrest all those involved in the torture’’

DIG further told that those who suffered are being provided with quality medical treatment. To this, the court replied saying:

‘’ Never mind the medical examination, kindly brief the court regarding the registration of a First Information Report (FIR)’’
The students of Cadet College said that one of the students indulged in a fight with principal’s son, which is why the boys were brutally punished.

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