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Private Medical Colleges More Autonomous Following Promulgation of New Ordinance

The federal government newly promulgated ordinance, which dissolved the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) and established Pakistan Medical Commission, has given more autonomy to the private medical colleges.

The new ordinance known as “Pakistan Medical Commission Ordinance 2019” now allows private medical and dental colleges to charge fee of their choice. Furthermore, students will now be able to get extra marks for additional tests. The new ordinance also stripped the newly formed Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) of it’s power of appointing faculty members. Now, the private medical and dental colleges can appoint their faculty members as per the direction of the universities they are affiliated with.

The Pakistan Medical Commission Ordinance 2019 has also brought the protesting doctors in it’s radar. The protesting doctors will be dealt with strictly.

Opposition Slams Government For The New Ordinance

The opposition benches are clearly not happy with the government’s decision to dissolve PMDC. During a media talk with a local outlet, Senator Javed Abbasi of PMLN termed the ordinance as fraud. He further added that he will also be filing a resolution in the house for its disapproval as it is against certain orders of the top court of the country.

“A few months back, the upper house had disapproved the former ordinance of the PMDC, but the government has once again promulgated an ordinance,” Senator Abbasi Said.

Moreover, Senator Abbasi also accused the government of pleasing a person close to Prime Minister Imran Khan through the promulgation of the ordinance. Meanwhile, Another leader of PMLN, Maryam Auragzeb, also slammed the government and said that her party had rejected it.

Dr Zafar Mirza Response To The Criticism.

The Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Health while responding to the criticism said that the new ordinance will be helpful in resolving the issues related to medical education. He further added that for the smooth functioning of the 150 medical colleges a proper mechanism is required.

“There are now over 150 medical colleges in the country and a proper mechanism is required to ensure their smooth functioning. The new ordinance would address all the issues related to medial fraternity and colleges,” he said.

PMDC Protest Against The New Ordinance

A number of employees of the recently dissolved PMDC protested against the government decision. The stated that government has ended the livelihood of over 300 people.

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  • The new ordinance is far superior to the 1960s PMDC ordinance. It incorporates various global benchmarks and standards into the system and regulation of medical institutions and practitioners that many with little knowledge of it will not understand!

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