Despite receiving fees during the pandemic, private schools allegedly refusing to pay salaries

The teacher also requested the government to intervene and resolve their issue. 

Private schools have refused to pay salaries to their teaching staff as the COVID-19 fear has forced schools to shut down. Although the schools have been closed to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus, private educational institutions have been charging full fees from the students.

Despite receiving full fees even after the government urged for a concession, the schools have been accused of refusing to pay their staff. A notification was sent to the teachers, stating that the school is unable to pay the wages because of the financial crisis. It added that the school has applied for a loan from the State Bank of Pakistan and once approved, salaries would be ‘disbursed into individual accounts’.

The staff, however, is unsatisfied with the justification. As Daily Times reported, a teacher from a renowned private school said that the owner is simply making up excuses. She added that as the Eid approaches, they are under a lot of stress due to the non-payment of wages.

“She [the head of the school] will surely defend this by telling you one story or another. But with eid, the non-payment of salaries is causing a lot of stress for the staff. The school management, despite getting fees and not paying utility bills and allied expenditures, is not paying wages of deserving teachers”, she said.

She also requested the government to intervene and resolve their issue.

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  • Haan g jab Koi qanon nhi bano gy tu private schools walon ko Kia zarort apna nuqsan krein yeh govurment ko Kia samjhty hain

  • Govt. Sohould take strict action and to define a thumb rule. Parents should pay fee with 20 pct discount and teachers are to be paid there wages full. As schools are saving there administrative and operational cost in lock down holidays.

  • The government should help these private institutions. When the parents do not pay the fees, where will the owners pay the teacher. At the same time, the government should give a package to the private school to pay the janitor and the school rent.

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