Private schools refuse to open schools on 15th September, request government to revise the decision

Based on the Coronavirus situation in the country, the NCOC will announce the ultimate verdict.


All Pakistan Private Schools Federation (APPSF) is not satisfied with the government’s decision to open schools from the 15th of September. The APPSF insists that the educational institutes should be opened earlier than the set date.

The Federal Minister, Shafqat Mehmood, recently announced that all institutes could begin the educational process from mid-September.

The President of the APPSF, Kashif Mirza, reacted to the announcement by saying:

If the government does not allow the private education facilities across the country to open from the 15th of August, we will do it anyway. A legal cell has been set up to provide legal protection to owners opening institutions from the 15th of August. In the case of obstructions, the APPSF will march towards Islamabad.

Kashif Mirza further reasoned that 75 million students across the country are currently deprived of their constitutional rights due to the government’s rigidness. Following this, he said that schools should be opened too under Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) like other departments.

It is pertinent to mention here that the Federal Government decided the 15th of September as a tentative date to open schools, colleges, and universities across the country after taking all the provinces into confidence.

It should be noted that the National Command and Operation Center (NCOC) were made the final decision authority in this regard. Based on the Coronavirus situation in the country, the NCOC will announce the ultimate verdict.

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  • The government should not listen to private school owners. They just want to take the fee from the students to fill their bank balance.

    The government first ensure that the schools have taken proper measure or not. Secondly, it is being speculated that the coronavirus cases will rise again when the winter season starts. Therefore, government should take decision by their own and listen only to NCOC – who has done well to curb the virus.

    • Exactly my family is paying my father got infected then my mother she is still recovering her O2 level became low she is 57 years old she had difficulty in breathing some how I was immune my sister 5 years old was admit in hospital please take this seriously no SOPs are followed even wearing mask and using santizers my family got infected privafe sector just want fees from parents

    • Exactly….Govt must ensure that situation won’t be worse before opening educational institutions since majority students travel in schools Van’s and buses where no social distancing can be maintained

  • Bhai kuch SOPs follow nahi ho rahi hain jo jo khula hy myri father ko corona hoa tha Allah ka shukar wo sehtiyab hain surface sy ziyada phelta hy mano ya na mano hamara pora ghar khatry main tha or ye schools khol rahy hain ta k in ko paisy milien or hamary bachon ki sehat ka kuch nahi 1 sy 5 tak k bachon ko tw sambhal lo gy k mask na utaro teenage bachon ko kysy sambhalo gy vans main bachy thus k atty hy disinfectant k paisy hain

    • U r right Maryam but schools will take care of children. Nd now we people have to survive with these pandemics in coming years.

  • Yes schools should be opened soon as ours is winter station and schools will have to be closed for winter vacation again students are suffering a lot.

  • Open school from 15 September because corona is spreading alot that’s why school should open from 15 September

  • Private school walo khuch tu Allah ka khauf karo, bus apni fees keep lagi hy AP logo ko, online classes may aap logo be kia drama rachaya, online classes tu parha naee saktay air fee mang rahy ho, khuda apko hidayat de aor rahe rast pe laye, khuda k lye bacho ki Zindagi kharab mat karo, bus ye kafi hy k parents ko tabah Kar rahy ho

    • Ohhh jahil admi..tum hallal kamaa k khilao apne ghar walon ko toh Corona tumhara kucch nahi bigaad sakta.. haram khori bund nahi hoti.. gatya nazar dosre kama kyun rahe hain

  • Open the schools and colleges on 15 September. The owner wants only a fees from the students not interested in the education of students. This isbig mafia in Pakistan. Its my request to a govt to finish this business in Pakistan and make the system better of govt schools. Then the parents will admit their kids in govt schools.

  • Some elements are giving their statements without knowing the fact that private schools are collecting fee it is wrong no one is agreed to submit fee every one is crying from where one should pay fee it seems people thank Corona for not paying fee.

  • The Government should make a wise decision in this critical situation… children are the strength of nation and we can not play with their lives.. so we are not agreed with the private schools administration…

  • Dear commentators,
    With due respect I want to say to all of you that the APPSF should not be gone against the government minister’s decision about the reopening of schools in Pakistan but the thing is that the government has opened all the other departments under some specific SOPs without schools.It should also have to see this department because all private school owners are not same and all are not filling their bank by collecting the fesses of their students. Different schools are taking different feeses. This is obvious fact that the childrens’ life is so important but on other side schools should also be opened under restrictive SOPs with the enforcement of the law.
    I also make request that abusive language for private schools and about their owners should be stopped….
    The government should have to open the schools exact at 15th of August but under very strict SOPs.
    Munsaf Ali Nawab

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