Progress in Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme in other provinces but Sindh Govt. not cooperating?

  • Implementation of the housing scheme is efficiently being done in Punjab, KPK, and Balochistan by utilizing local institutes of land.
  • PM Khan visits Karachi and held meetings with the business community regarding Naya Pakistan Housing Schemes.
  • Sindh Government is not in the mood of cooperation in the project of housing scheme, says Kamran Khan.
  • A breakthrough is provident in the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme, says Chairman Task Force Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme.

Khan to turn ‘Katchi Abadis’ of Sindh into swiftly-constructed low priced flats


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Posted by Dunya Kamran Khan Kay Saath on Friday, May 24, 2019


Kamran Khan of Dunya News asks Chairman Prime Minister Task Force Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme Zaigham Rizwi about the progress in the working of the scheme during the past months of PTI’s government. The government is taking all steps to ensure the timely completion of the scheme for which we’ve taken three steps, replies Chairman Task Force NPHS.

The first step is the establishment of the housing authority at the federal level to administer because the housing is a provincial subject and therefore the land falls in the same provincial domain. Secondly, for the promotion regulation and sale of plots, etc in a transparent manner, the establishment of the Real Estate Regulatory Authority was a prerequisite for quality assurance.

The third thing that is the amendments in the financial regulations and laws of local housing planning authorities. Such amendments are done in the Punjab Housing and Town Planning Agency and the same authority in Punjab is now given the task to execute the fieldwork on the housing scheme, he further says. Chairman is of the view that a large scale developmental work will be initiated in the scheme after this holy month of Ramadan and this scheme would be based on the government’s land.


Why Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme seems Punjab Centric?

In a reply to a question of Kamran Khan Zaigham Rizvi says that it is true to some extent that the housing scheme appears to be focused in Punjab. This is only because Punjab is the big province and the government’s assent was also there for devising the housing program. He further adds that the program is focused on KPK, Sindh, and Balochistan with equal fraternity.

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Advancements in KPK regarding Naya Pakistan Housing Plan

The implementation of the housing scheme is underway in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The task force has already been set up in this regard which will sort out the matters of mortgaging of loans. Local housing agencies of KPK are also being empowered and amended to willfully execute the housing plan, explains the guest in the Kamran Khan’s show. These houses will cost up to 0.5 million in the villages. Some Price Housing Foundation Projects have been initiated by the federal government in Balochistan province alongside many other projects of Gwadar Port.


Khan’s visit to Karachi and the housing scheme

Naya Pakistan_Housing Scheme
Imran Khan Visits Karachi to hold meetings with the business community on May 24, 2019.

The premier of Pakistan has visited Karachi and held meetings with the representatives of the business community. The Chief Minister Sindh, however, did not show any concern and not even met with the prime minister. Local business authorities offered their private lands for the construction and execution of the housing schemes to the PM. Chairman, anyhow, is hopeful that the Sindh government will surely empower the Karachi Building Control Authority at some point of time. The government is intending to work for low-income segments, not only in Sindh but all over the country and to bring the slum dwellers into furnished houses.


Why mortgaging is a difficult task for the new housing scheme?

Mortgage, in actual, is a loan that a lender or a bank gives to the buyer to purchase a house, etc. The State Bank of Pakistan hiked the interest rates by 150bps to 12.25 percent and debt payment to the consumer at the interest rate of 15, 16 or 17 percent will make the loan repayments even more challenging. For the people of low-income segments, these debt repayments are absolutely arduous. In a solution to this problem the government is planning to reduce the interest rates for the low-income segments, says Zaigham Rizwi. PM Imran Khan had launched the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme in April this year as per the agenda of PTI led government basically focussing on low-income people to ensure their residential safety.

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