Promoting Culture | Pakistani YouTuber making waves with his unique culinary channel

Mubashir Saddique left his job as production manager at a Sialkot football factory to pursue culinary vlogging full-time

With his unique style, sitting in nature with the sounds of birds chirping, 33 years old Mubashir Saddique is making waves across YouTube with his culinary channel promoting Pakistan’s cultural diversity. Among the things Pakistan is known for, food definitely is on top of the list.

With his channel, Village Food Secrets, hitting about a million subscribers now, has taken a unique root to introduce Pakistani food to the world. Making daily hour-and-a-half bike commute covering 50 km from Shahpur to Sialkot, he was previously working as a production manager in a soccer ball manufacturing factory in the nearest town.

Now he is working as a full-time vlogger with his reality-cooking show YouTube channel. He gives centuries-old family recipes. When he started, he was shooting with his phone’s camera, and money was never on the priority list. He just wanted to share the family recipes with the world. However, now he is earning $3000 monthly from his channel.

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Comparing it with his first ever video, he was so shy that he didn’t speak at all, he has come a long way. He couldn’t even gather the courage to tell the ingredient list while how he can be seen expressing and enjoying himself while he videotapes it.
“From the UK (aside from the Pakistani diaspora) and India, it is the Punjabi speaking community” – he said speaking about his viewers base while speaking to a local news source
“They say the food, the landscape, my use of earthenware crockery etc., helps in reducing their yearning for home,” –  he added.
Pakistani YouTubers and their channels are really making their presence felt. With names like Nadir Ali already making a huge influence, Maulana Tariq Jamil just recently received Golden Play Button for crossing a million subscribers and Saddique is almost there as well.
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