Promoting Tourism: Longest Hiking Trail Inaugurated In Islamabad

Pakistan inaugurates longest hiking trail n Islamabad. The trail is 44 km long in length and will connect Kyber Pakhtunkhwa’s district Haripur with Islamabad’s infamous Margalla Hills National Park.

The trail is called Trail no. 5, that is already being used by hikers in Islamabad daily. The government is further looking to modernize and improve the trail to make it more attractive, hence drawing in more tourism.

As per the reports, at least 35 km of the trail lies inside Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. This track is also a part of the PTI-led government’s plan to promote tourism and increase the influx of international tourists in the national capital.

The security situation and bad global image of Pakistan had significantly cut down on the number of tourists in the country. Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI), since day one, has shown strong commitment towards the mission of restoring tourism and encouraged international visitors to come and explore the region.

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Trail 5 is one of the most popular and used hiking trails. It has three interconnected tracks, all of them completely different in nature. For example, the first track is called spring on the route, that is popularly known as Ficus Spring. The other track which is solely used for the purpose of hiking is quite thrilling and gives an adventurous experience to people. The new challenging activity, that too in the heart of the capital, will draw more people towards it.

Thanks to social media and international vloggers who visited Pakistan, country’s image has significantly improved and has caught people’s attention across the globe. In, December 2017, t was called the world’s top tourist destination for the year 2018 by the British Backpacker Society, that described Pakistan as “one of the friendliest countries on earth, with mountain scenery that is beyond anyone’s wildest imagination”.

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