The new golden rule: Promotion criteria changed for senior bureaucrats

As per the new policy, CSB has been allowed to supersede a senior bureaucrat.

Recently on Tuesday, it made the rounds on media that the current government of Pakistan has decided to significantly increase the permissive powers of CSB (Central Selection Board) for the promotion of currently working senior bureaucrats. 
As per the new policy, CSB has been allowed to supersede a senior bureaucrat with the one who has remarkable records in their service and no connection with politics or bureaucracy.

Nevertheless, a renowned government official believes that the new policy isn’t politically motivated.
The CSB meeting that was initially planned in November was later postponed because of Jamiat Ulema-i-Islam Fazl’s anti-government march and related issues.

The chairman of the Public Service Commission is currently the head of CSB. The board has two parliamentarians as well as a division for the establishment, cabinet secretaries, secretaries of numerous concerned ministries, federal government representatives and provincial chief secretaries.

The new golden rule!

It was notified on 3rd December; 2019 by the establishment department that the new (BPS-18 to BPS-21) rules have been approved by Imran Khan, Prime Minister of Pakistan.
The CSB earlier had 15 marks out 100, but as mentioned in the new rule, CSB would now own 30 marks at its discretion. Other than the 30 marks of CSB, 30 marks would be awarded by professional courses, and the remaining 40 would be reserved for ACRs (Annual Confidential Reports).
Initially, the discretionary power of the Central Selection Board was struck down by the courts. As for the new rule, it has been clearly stated that members of CSB can consider the marks of the civil servants on account of the intelligence reports. The CSB is free to take the received information against the concerned officer into account.
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  • Promotion should be made on performance.
    Like, create jobs for poor people and get percentage in profit, make a fast and reliable system for locomotive inspection, how can we manage traffic in rush hours etc.

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