PROPAGANDA AGAINST CPEC UNMASKED: See how Indian lobby is working to sabotage the project

A number of high-raking Pakistani officials have revealed n the past that Indian Intelligence Agency RAW had set up a special operations cell to sabotage CPEC. The cell is tasked to create a security challenge for CPEC as well as fabricate a negative perception about the corridor.

A few days ago, DG ISPR also disclosed that RAW is active in Pakistan and an attempt by the hostile intelligence agency to create unrest has been foiled.

CPEC is progressing as per the envisaged plan and has entered into Phase 2. The multi-billion-dollar project is a guarantee for Pakistan’s prosperity and a testimony to Pak- China’s friendship.

Chinese ambassador H.E Yao Jing also acknowledged the role of the CPEC Authority in expediting the progress on the corridor.

Indian latest design is to target the Chairman CPEC Authority.


Recently, CPEC came under attack of a dissident social media group comprising Waqas Goraya, Gul Bukhari, Dr. Taqi, Hussain Haqqani, Ahmed Noorani.

These five persons are sitting abroad after having been provided asylum by the respective countries. Noorani is reportedly on a six-months-long sponsored visit to the USA .

A quick look at their twitter timelines shows how relentlessly they are targeting Asim Bajwa.

Their latest plan is to create a scandal using the assets declaration of Asim Bajwa and connect it to his family. Journalist Ahmad Noorani tweeted about a story on him, while a few days later, Gul Bukhari tweeted about an upcoming story on his assets which shows it is all a coordinated campaign.

According to sources, a senior twitter official in the Middle East and North Africa team is also coordinating with them and they want to publish this story on a twitter handle @FactFocusFF to make it look like an independent investigative journalism piece.


However, this twitter handle belonged to Mubashir Ali Zaidi who disappeared from twitter and had changed his handle to this new handle. This ploy to damage Chairman CPEC Authority’s credibility is another attempt to raise questions on CPEC.

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  • Gul bhukari was already a British citizen. Injury about media houses should be made who were showing her as a senior journalist. I mean why she was being promoted for so long despite knowing she is a foreign national? Secondly you missed out Reham Khan who is also a British national. Pakistan should stop accepting dual nationality and make laws like India which only tolerates one nationality. Other members in this gang are already working for foreign governments and think tanks, they should have their Pakistani nationality cancelled if we want to see peace in Pakistan.

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