PSL 5: Ahmed Godil Reportedly Suspended From PSL, Here’s Why

It seems Pakistan Super League’s opening ceremony host, Ahmed Godil’s, troubles are not going to end any time soon.

After getting brutally trolled for his performance at opening ceremony, Ahmed Godil has reportedly been suspended by the Pakistan Cricket Board from PSL. According to a local online news portal, Behtareen.PK, his suspension has come following his comments about Ali Zafar.

While talking to the aforementioned news portal, Ahmed Godil had claimed that he is not allowed to play Ali Zafar’s PSL songs at the stadium during the matches.

Following his comments, Behtareen.PK claims that PCB decided to relieve him of his duties. The news portal has also claimed that a PCB official has confirmed the news of his sacking, adding that he was suspended “due to unprofessional behaviour and in discipline.”

The PSL anthem for the fifth edition is the most disliked PSL anthem on YouTube. After the song was released, people called for Ali Zafar to be given the opportunity to sing PSL anthem again.

One of the lead singers of the PSL fifth edition song, Ali Azmat, had accused Ali Zafar of running a malicious campaign against the song through social media bloggers.

Ahmed Godil had become a laughing stock on the internet after his PSL performance. Talking to a news channel, he had requested people to refrain from making personal attacks.


In a video posted on his social media account, Ahmed Godil has confirmed that he has been sacked from the event.

This is really sad PCB suspended PSL V ground Host Ahmed Godil . He posted the vidoe with this caption and gets…

Posted by All Pakistan Drama Page on Saturday, February 22, 2020

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  • Suspended from what? He was to do the opening ceremony and that is over, what else he was supposed to do there from which he is fired?

    • He was the dj who was responsible for playing songs in stadium between the overs and hype up the crowd. If you think his voice seemed familiar, it was because because if you had watched earlier psl matches he was the one shouting “kon jeetay ga”.

  • whats the point of making this video, he got paid for his shitty performance by PCB and now they decided to let his ass go
    and supposedly if he is such a good host he should find another job and stop whining about it on social

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