PTA starts accepting applications for long-distance and international licenses

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The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has started receiving applications for Long Distance, and International (LDI) licenses for Pakistan. The initial license fee is $ 0.5 million for Pakistan.

The application processing fee for the LDI license is $ 500. It will be issued to provide end-to-end communication between points located in Pakistan with points outside of Pakistan.

The License shall provide the following mandatory services:

  1.  Long Distance and International Public Voice Telephone Service
  2.  Long Distance and International Public Data Services
  3. Other Telecommunication Services as the Authority may, by Regulations, require.

The Licensee shall inform and acquire prior written approval of the Authority before:

  1. Establishment, maintenance, or operation of a terrestrial transmission facility linking Pakistan with another country, including a microwave or fiber optic cable without limitation transmission facility. 
  2. Establishment, maintenance, or operation of an international submarine cable and satellite transmission facility linking Pakistan with, and enabling connectivity with, multiple countries.

The License does not authorize the following: 

  1. The Provision of Basic Public Telephone/Data Access Service 
  2. Distribution of radio or television programming through a cable television transmission system 
  3. Broadcasting of radio or television programming 
  4. Mobile Communication Service 
  5. Limited Mobility Communication Service
  6. The Establishment, maintenance, or operation of a Telecommunications System to provide any Telecommunication Service that is not authorized in the License
  7. Other activities or services as the Authority may prohibit by Regulations.

The License will be valid for a term of 20 years. Applicants for the License will have to provide a letter of application, CNIC or passport, and other relevant details /documents.

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