PTA is considering to ban PUBG in Pakistan. Here’s why

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Following Lahore High Court’s (LHC) orders, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) is considering a ban on the popular multiplayer game ‘Players Unknown Battleground’ or PUBG.

The LHC made the decision after a citizen named Faizan Maqsood submitted a petition against the game.

In his appeal to the top provincial court, Faizan said that the game has a ‘negative’ impact on children and therefore should be banned. He maintained that the reports show the game had a detrimental effect on the personalities of children across the world as it glorifies violence.

Faizan added that the game also negatively affects the decision-making ability of children. LHC was asked to take action in this regard and remove PUBG from the Google Play Store.

After reviewing the petition, the court asked PTA to make a decision within six weeks. Even if it is banned from mobile phones, it is still uncertain what effect this would have on PC and consoles.

Pakistan is not the first country that is considering a ban on PUBG. The game is already prohibited in Jordan, China, Iraq, Nepal, and the Indian state of Gujrat.

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