PTA: More phones manucatured locally in Pakistan than imported from aborad during January-July 2021

The surprising developments were disclosed by the national telecom regulator.

Govt Ready to Announce Pakistan's First Mobile Phone PolicyIn a positive development for Pakistan, the production of locally manufactured mobile phones has surpassed the number of mobile phone imports.

This was revealed by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) on Thursday.

According to the PTA, locally manufactured mobile phones were listed at 12.27 million during the January-July (2021) period compared to imported mobile phones at 8.29 million.

The PTA credited the positive developments to the PTA’s Mobile Device Manufacturing (MDM) Authorization regulatory regime.

This is because 12.27 million phones, including 4.87 million 4G smartphones, were produced within only seven months of the regime’s introduction.

Moreover, local mobile phone production in the county has seen a positive trend due to the implementation of the Device Identification Registration & Blocking System (DIRBS) and conducive government policies, such as the mobile manufacturing policy.

These policies have also ended the counterfeit mobile market, providing a productive and safe environment for commercial entities.

Moreover, a level of trust has been created among consumers due to regulated legal channels for mobile imports.

The development that immensely helped the local mobile phone production was the introduction of a comprehensive mobile manufacturing policy by the authorities.

The main aim of the policy was to support and draw manufacturers to establish their units in Pakistan.

It is pertinent to observe that several global smartphone corporations have stated establishing their production bases in the South Asian country in recent months.

A few months ago, Realme, a Chinese smartphone manufacturer, announced establishing its local assembly plant in Lahore.

Later in July, Xiaomi, a Chinese electronics giant, announced establishing its local assembly unit in Pakistan in a few months.

Likewise, in July, Samsung announced its plans to assemble smartphones in Pakistan in a joint venture with Lucy Motor Corporation (LMC) by the end of this year.

Samsung’s cellphone production facility will be built at LMC’s existing plant in Karachi’s Bin Qasim Industrial Park (BQIP).

Recently, in August, Vivo, a China-based global technology company, declared to build its first-ever production base in Pakistan.

Vivo’s production plant will be established in the Industrial Estate of Faisalabad.

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