PTI Calls Eva Beck ‘Friend Of Pakistan’, Welcomes Her To Pakistan

There has been a significant increase in tourism in Pakistan and for this growing foreign interest in the previously terrorism-stigmatized region, we owe a lot to the social media community, particularly the vloggers.

Driven by the passion, many of them visited Pakistan and actually showed the world that it is not like what the media portrays it to be. With them promoting the culture, food and hospitality in the country, the rest of the world definitely sees us far more tolerant contrary to the previous image.

Eva Zu Beck is a Polish vlogger, whose decision to celebrate the Pakistan Independence Day in style drew ire and negative reaction around the country. The foreign vlogger, with Pakistani flag on her shoulders, danced on Drake’s viral “In my feelings”, adding her contribution to the infamous Kiki challenge. Here is the video:

This is the first Kiki challenge attempted on the aeroplane. But the national carrier got in trouble for allowing that. NAB probed an inquiry against PIA for abuse of power and the disrespect of the flag. Following the backlash, Eva clarified and apologized that she didn’t intend to offend anyone and wanted to encourage tourism in Pakistan.

“I apologise for hurting sentiments of the people’’ – she said.

Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) took an appreciative step, beating down all the negativity, and welcomed Eva in Pakistan. Taking to Twitter, PTI said that they encourage all the foreigners who are showing interest in the region and supports them. They explicitly welcomed Eva back, calling her ‘friend of Pakistan’.

 The beautiful and welcoming gesture will for sure improve Pakistan’s image globally. It will promote tourism in the future and create an atmosphere of hospitality – that Pakistan is more than negativity.

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