PTI Punishes Imran Shah With 0.5 million fine, Free Treatment For 20 Patients For Slapping A Citizen


Associating the expectations with the new government, people have started to use their voice responsibly to do their part. Slowly healing the previously brutalized societal structure, the biggest change that General Elections 2018 have inspired in people, apart from their actual will to change, is the reestablishment of trust in institutions and authoritative bodies.

The same responsibility was depicted by the social media community when the video of PTI’s MPA Imran Shah manhandling a citizen. The video showed Dr Shah brutally slapping a man near Karachi’s Stadium Road on August 14.

After the video went viral and received criticism on all social media platforms, the netizens pressed for action against the elected representative. The party immediately issued a show-cause notice and asked Shah for the explanation. However, when the social media community didn’t buy his apology, the party has now come forth with an unconventional and appreciated punishment for him.

Presenting an actual embodiment of the claimed changed, PTI’s MPA Dr. Imran Khan has been fined with an amount of Rs. 0.5 million. With that, he is also bound to treat 20 patients for free at his clinic.

The fine amount will be donated to Edhi Homes Orphanages and the orthopaedic patients to be treated will also be recommended by Edhi Trust.

Following the punishment or more accurately, community service, the disciplinary committee of the party also warned Imran that any further misconduct or discipline issue will result in his permanent expulsion from the party.

“No individual has the right to take [the] law in their hands and there is an added responsibility over the people in power to especially make sure that the law is at all times enforced and never abused’’ – said the committee in its statement. (Source: Dawn News)

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