PTI Revamped Mardan Health Centre But There Is More To It Than What Meets The Eye

KPK Provincial Government takes another consequential step forward as they revamp Mardan Medical Complex (MMC), as an effort to provide hundreds of residents of Mardan and the adjoining areas with quality health services.
Minister of health KP Shahram Khan inaugurated the fair price pharmacy, emergency and surgical wards in MMC.

During the inauguration ceremony, Shahram Khan addressed the visitors saying that this definitely is a big step forward.
It will not only benefit residents of Mardan, but also Sawabi and Malakand, who turn to Mardan for availing essential health services.

Along with that, Shahram Khan also announced their next goal to attain optimal health quality on provincial level.
He said that taking in consideration the daunting situation of the hospital, provincial government provided the funds of 820 million. In the first phase, two wards have been inaugurated in MMC. Children’s hospital accommodating 500 beds is under construction in Mardan as well. Simultaneously, construction work is ongoing in district hospital  Mardan as well to improve its infrastructural ability and quality of services.

Minister of Education KP Atif Khan also congratulated  Medical Complex Board Of Governors for the successful completion of phase one, and also appreciated them for their excellent conductance and execution due to which phase one completed before its defined deadline.

People immensely appreciated it but also few were of opinion that there needs to be practical improvement rather than just visual. Most of the people are happy that they will be receiving fundamental health care within their district, but also want this change should be implemented to other districts as well.

This definitely is a significant step forward, however this is not ‘it’ either. There still needs to be a lot of improvements to meet the basic requirements and optimal quality. Staff and HR should be the first priority, as they should be qualified and skilled to deal with the large influx of patients effectively.

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