PTI Takes Another Unique Initiative By Distributing ‘Pencils with Seeds’ In Karachi

Since the beginning, Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) has made their narrative evident and conveyed that they’re focused and dedicated to plantation drives.  The situation dropped to a harrowing position when it was revealed that Pakistan is the least tree-filled country in Asia.
Pakistan has only 1.9% of land area over forest cover. According to United Nation’s standards, a country must have at least 25% area under forest cover to ensure sustainability and climatic equilibrium. Seeing that Pakistan has a complicated relationship with both the spheres, it is urgent to add it to the priority list.

Taking another unique and unconventional step, PTI distributed ‘pencils with seeds’ in the port city Karachi as a part of Imran Khan’s Million Tree Tsunami Campaign, the biggest project in country’s eco-history. Instead of asking students to go to the nursery and get the seeds, the pencils made it easy for the students and encouraged them to contribute them in the cause.
The pencils have a degradable capsule containing seeds of coriander, spinach, brinjal, ladyfinger and cucumbers.
The usage process is simple as well. When you’ve used up the pencil, instead of throwing it in the bin, the students can bury them. With care, they will transform into plants.

The innovative and inspirational idea was initially initiated by the students belonging to MIT (Massachusetts Institute for Technology) back in 2012. The idea, however, was picked by Sprout World, a Copenhagen-based firm, who started the commercial production in 2014.

In the year 2015, the company’s sales hit $2 million, speaking for the popularity of the concept. According to the MIT report, the pencils can be ‘cultivated’ and they grow into plants within 3 weeks. In Pakistan, PTI is first one to take up the idea. Arif Alvi also demonstrated how to use them, addressing the students in Qamrul Islam School, Punjab Colony, Karachi.

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