PTI’s Andleeb Abbas campaigns for PM Nawaz Sharif’s resignation in Lahore after Panama Case decision

The Dusk of Panama Case

Surely, we are now entering into the final phases of the Panama Case, the greatest political lawsuit in the history of Pakistan. The petitioners in this case are Pakistan Tehereek e Insaf, Jamaat e Islami and Sheikh Rasheed of Awami Muslim League. However, the lead goes to PTI for taking a firm stance and their staunch perseverance in keeping this issue alive.

The decision of 18th April, 2017 is counts as the turning point for PMLN. The split decision of 3 Vs 2 judges of the honorable Supreme Court of Pakistan, where 2 Judges have clearly asked to remove the PM from his office. However, what is more interesting is the fact that the remaining 3 Judges did not go against the decision of the first two, but rather have asked to form a Government’s instrument to probe the matter further.

Things are clearly not going on the side of the Sahrif family.

Andleeb Abbas Kicks off a road Campaign against PML-N

Andleeb Abbas is already famous as being the front line fighter of PTI; a lady having nerves of steel. We already have witnessed a show of it outside Bani Gala, on Imran Khan’s lockdown call of Islamabad. It appears that no guns or swords are terrifying enough for this lady.

Here again, we can see her relentless effort on the grassroots — distributing pamphlets for PM’s resignation on the roads of Lahore. Whether it is the right time and the right thing to do or not, remains a separate question, but her steadfastness and the ability to lead simply remains a thing to cherish.

In the political arena of Pakistan, posturing a male dominated culture, this sight is one of its kind. It signifies the level of authority, involvement and back up provided to the women in PTI. It simply is a pragmatic charade of PTI’s manifesto, where women actively  play their role in politics. What is more enticing is the fact that they enjoy a level of support which is second to none.

Please see the short clip and enjoy!

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