PTI’s Arif Alvi Calls For 24/7 Help Service To Help Mental Health Challenges Following Anam Tanoli’s Suicide

The suicide of 26 years old model Anam Tanoli has shown that youth, opportunities and money can’t cure a damaged mind. Anam being the recent ‘limelight’ victim of defeated mental health leading to ending her own life, shared her experience with bullying. Though attempting to look strong, it can quite obviously be seen how she was struggling with it.

The sad incident should force us to think on two different aspects: one that how our small words can drive a person to the end and second, the pressing need to address mental health as a serious problem in Pakistan.
As per certain sources, as many as 40,000 people have committed suicide in Pakistan during the year 2017 while we maintain our ignorance over the issue.

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PTI’s senior leader Arif Alvi, however, has broken the ice on the issue, saying that it does need urgent addressal. Taking to microblogging site Twitter, Alvi said that millions of women are struggling due to compromised mental ascended by socio-economic circumstances. To tackle the rising trend, Alvi asked for a 24/7 psychiatric help which is promptly available to address those who are in need.

His idea resonated with the social media community and they welcomed it, saying it is need of the hour. They said that the change in leadership and ‘educated’ people occupying the significant positions, they are hopeful that unconventional issues like mental health will be debated on and something will be done to address them.

Since going to a psychiatrist is still an uncommon practice in Pakistani society with heavy taboos attached with it, an online service, with making the service accessible to all the people, will also eliminate that barrier of hesitance while making a physical visit.

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