PTM accuses Pakistan Army in Farishta rape and murder case

Farishta_rape case
PTM alleges that Pakistan army disrespects the tribal women

PTM starts propaganda against Pakistan Army in Farishta murder incident


A ten-year-old girl Farishta was abducted, raped and murdered in the federal capital of Pakistan. Farishta was the resident of Islamabad’s Shahzad Town. The dead body of the innocent baby child was found in the forest days after her disappearance. Her family says that they have tried to launch an FIR on May 15 but police didn’t register the case until May 19.


The family also alleges that the proper research was not initiated even after the registration of the First Information Report and the body of the deceased was found by the locals who later informed the police. The autopsy wasn’t conducted duly in time. Amid police negligence, the family took to streets to protest at Taramari Chowk.


False agenda of PTM

This, however, is not the first incident of this kind in the country. The 2018 Zaineb murder case, child rape case at Fatehpur and many other cases of child assault have been reported in different parts of Pakistan. PTM alleges that the army show disrespect towards tribal women. Many people were displaced from Waziristan not only because on ongoing clashes there but the actual reason is that their women don’t feel safe there even inside the houses. PTM is using the Farishta rape case for political reasons to further their disgusting propaganda.



PTM also alleges that Farishta was denied timely justice because she belonged to the family of Mohmand district. PTM supporters aim at political scoring by using the incident of Farishta murder case. They have started playing on the flesh and blood of a rape victim to sell their ill driven agenda of the ethnic divide. 


Response from Pakistan Army

Director General Inter-Services Public Relations Major General Asif Ghafoor categorically condemns the brutal murder of innocent Farishta. ” Those responsible must be brought to justice. The army is ready to provide any support in this regard. We must rise and join to protect our future generations from vile and despicable elements who prey on vulnerable children”, he says in a recent tweet.



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A close relative of Farishta is arrested

Police claim the arrest of a close relative of Farishta. The police say that the main suspect was arrested after being identified by the other suspects taken into custody. Protests held along with the dead body of the deceased. The family held the local police responsible for the assault because of continuous delay in the proceedings of the case. Protests are called off after ensuring that the action would be taken against the criminal negligence of SHO  Shahzad Town. The police instead of registering the FIR accused the girl of eloping.


Recent developments in the case

A case has been registered against the Station House Officer of Shahzad Town and his subordinates for professional negligence. The SHO, however, was suspended on Tuesday and SSP Umar Khan was tasked with the investigations of the case. SHO has been suspended to ensure transparency in the case inquiry.


Concluding remarks

This case is just like many other cases of child abuse and subsequent murders. PTM’s attempt to portray it as an anti-Pashtun agenda is inconclusive and unjustifiable. Pakistan Army is highly skilled and professional in the performance of its duties. Police negligence is nothing new to this country. The reforms in the police department of Pakistan and merit-based recruitment might help in bringing a positive change in society. A parliamentary committee should be set up to adopt a strategy against child assault and murders.


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