PTV classic drama serials to air in Saudi Arabia in Arabic


PTV (Pakistan State Television) classic drama serial ‘Dhoop Kinare’ – which can easily be regarded as one of the most popular drama serials in the country – will now be aired in Saudi Arabia. Almost after three decades of it being first aired in Pakistan, it will now find an international audience and will be shown to the viewers in The Kingdom with translated subtitles.

A top PTV official told Arab News on Wednesday revealed it to the Arab News that both Dhoop Kinare and Tanhaiyan will be aired in KSA. The 1987 drama serial has been a favourite even 30 years later and found a strong following among the youngsters. The Haseena Moin and Sahira Kazmi masterpiece is ever-green and will find its relevance at any point in time.

“We have selected two very popular dramas, Dhoop Kinare (Sunlight’s Edge) and Tanhaiyaan (Loneliness), for Arabic subtitles” – said Director International Relations at PTV, Shahzia Sikander.

“We will be able to send Dhoop Kinare to Saudi Arabia by June this year.” – she added.

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“This is the first time that Pakistan Television is subtitling Pakistani drama into Arabic for Saudi viewers” – said Shazia. She further added that not only will it bring more revenue to the country, it will also help the people there understand Pakistani culture, traditions, arts and lifestyle. It helps in building a strong channel of communication among different cultures, especially now when the world is moving towards globalisation.
The news came following the Federal Minister Fawad Chaudhary announced on visit to Riyadh that Pakistan will export its television series to the Kingdom.
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