PTV makes a MASSIVE blunder & puts wrong IBAN for Dam Funds

Pakistan’s water issue became a major discussion point in General Elections 2018, as the report revealed that Pakistan is likely to get bone-dry by the year 2025. The report took to prominent media outlets, raising discussions about urgent measures needed for tacking the situation before the country reaches the absolute scarcity level.

People of Pakistan specifically demanded the political parties to add water issue in their election manifesto and ensure that the new government will undertake significant steps to fight the crisis.

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Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf also talked about the issue as an element of their priority list needing urgent addressal during elections and after securing win as well. Recently, Imran Khan himself appealed the nation to Supreme Court of Pakistan’s DIAMER BASHA AND MOHMAND Dam Fund.

However, it was being claimed that Khan’s personal appeal didn’t really speak to the nation and the donations were comparatively low – contrary to what was being expected.

BUT – apparently, a mistake by the national television has really nullified the effort. In a rather unforgiving blunder, PTV ran the wrong IBAN number for donations following Imran Khan’s appeal.

Later, it was told to Khan that only 5 crores could be deposited in the dam fund since the IBAN, where the amount had to be submitted, was wrong.  (Correct IBAN Number: PK06SBPP0035932999990014)

However, it is still unclear whether it was by accident or there is more to it. But it does provide a dependable reason for why the response was quite low initially. Overseas Pakistanis announced their aid for the cause and took to social media announcing it – however, it is still a question if the incorrect IBAN benefitted someone or if the amount has been transferred somewhere else. It also needs to be addressed if it was an intentional effort to suppress the cause.

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