[VIDEO] PU Professor who said 'only women harass men' tells a new story in the recent interview

Not long ago, Punjab University\\’s Professor, Rana Eijaz Ahmed, came under the spotlight for his controversial views on harassment. The professor took to Facebook to share that he believes only women can harass men.

In the Facebook post, he wrote:

Not only in Pakistan usually, but in the whole world, females harass males, including male teachers and students. My thesis and strong argument are that it is only a woman who can harass a man. A man cannot harass a woman. I have scientific and logical reasoning behind my argument. Historically speaking, Hazrat Yousaf\\’s example is with us. It may be the only example of harassment recorded in the Quran. I am writing a research paper on this issue and want to dissolve the wrong perception of men harassing women. The case is otherwise.

As soon as the post went viral, the professor\\’s statement met with activists\\’ strong contrasting responses. Twitter flooded with people disagreeing and calling the professor\\’s view \\’outrageous\\’. In all of this, the professor maintained his stance and said:

Men were never the harassers, and I intend to prove this hypothesis in my research paper through \\’scientific and logical reasoning\\’.

However, in a recent interview, Professor Rana Eijaz Ahmed turned the story around with a few words. He said:

I was playing \\’reverse psychology\\’ when I claimed that only women could harass men. I pretended not to know anything to gauge people\\’s responses regarding harassment for my research.

While speaking to a media outlet, the professor further stated:

I did this to collect data for my research. In 24 hours, I had garnered all the data I needed, so I deactivated my Facebook page.

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  • So he has changed his mind and now believes men harass women. So what does he think of Hazrat Yousuf example now?

  • This man is a disgraceful excuse a mysogynistic hanzeer, Does he have female relatives who would welcome attentions of a harami kanjar. Harassment is disgraceful regardless of gender and this dickhead knows a man is more likely to act like a beghairat harami, such people should be flogged in public so people learn manners and it is never exceptable to act like a beghairat harami. We are honorable people not indians.

  • Eijaz sb is my teacher so i can never think of negative remarks but in my regard he is little ill. He had once nearly ruined my future only because i did not enter his office within 5 minutes.

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