PUBG 2? Developers reportedly working on a new sci-fi open world game [LEAK]

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The team of developers behind the famous battle royale game PUBG Mobile has been working on a new sci-fi video game called Vertical.

The TechRadar report claimed that PUBG Mobile developers have been working on a new project. The project is rumored to be a new sci-fi shooter game, but it would be different from the battle royale like PUBG Mobile. Furthermore, the report added that the game may take two to three years to complete.

PlayerIGN believes that the game could be the sequel to PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds and be PUBG 2. However, unlike the original massively popular battle royale title, its sequel might not be a battle royale title in the franchise.

Furthermore, the report also leaked some exciting details regarding the game. It includes its game engine, which is reportedly the Unreal Engine 4.

The company has also opened up to 14 new job listings for developer positions in the Vertical project. These job openings include a Background Concept Artist, a Video Editing Artist, a Character Concept Artist, a Lighting Artist, and much more.

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