Public Health Emergency: Children as young as one are developing antibiotics resistance

How many of you have to lend a welcoming hand to antibiotics when caught a minor cold so that we can recover quickly? Well, we all know we have done it for an effective and speedy remedy. However, more than being speedy there is one aspect associated to it which is emerging as the rising threat and challenge for the health sector, that is the antibiotic resistance.

What does the term actually stand for? Just like a drug that you regularly take and slowly your body gets immune and stops reacting to it, Pakistanis are facing a similar situation with antibiotics. Though it has been under discussion for a while recently a viral post circulating on Facebook has exposed how grave the challenge is and that it needs urgent addressal.

Doctor Haris Ghole shared what is a shocking experience to him on social media. Along with the reports, the doctor brought the audience’s attention towards the subject saying that a one-year-old baby is antibiotic resistant to most of the antibiotics present in the market right now. Which means to fight illness, the child needs something more potent to cure him – at such a tender age.

We have a habit of self-treating without diagnosing the actual problem or bothering to go to a professional. This usually results in our inclination towards antibiotics because we know it will work. However, if we don’t quit this practice it won’t work anymore.

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Dr. Haris Ghole also explicitly said that when choosing a doctor for yourself, always do thorough check if his credentials verify his knowledge and awareness about the modern day health issues.


Though the medical sector in Pakistan has repeatedly come under criticism for lack of consideration and awareness, sticking to their traditional, outdated and ineffective methods of treatment. We must also keep ourselves aware of what challenges the contemporary ecosphere holds for us, particularly in the health sector. We need to stop self-medication and frequent use of antibiotics to overcome the challenge.

So, before taking that Augmentin or Amoxil next time, think twice.

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