Public Opinion – Dr Yasmin Rashid (PTI) Vs Kulsoom Nawaz(PMLN) – NA120 by-election 2017

NA-120 has always been the homeground and the gravitating cornerstone for PMLN. The constituency has always recorded tremendous victories of PMLN in the last 30 years. However, in the backdrop of Panama Case, we thought it will be worthwhile to meter out the current position of PMLN and its rivals in the area.

The most noteworthy of the competitors here of PMLN is PTI. Surprisingly, the second largest political party of Pakistan, PPP does not have a noticeable presence here. It is only the PTI which has locked horns with PMLN on the grounds.

Both the parties are campaigning full throttle, going door to door and convincing people to vote for them. However, the atmosphere here is clearly polarized.

Please take a look at the video survey and seek for yourself, what the pulse of the nation is, on the grounds.


Has Panama Decision Changed Anything?

The Panamagate has affected the position of PMLN, slightly. Yet, when the question has been put to the die-hard PMLN supporters, they tend to show varied responses. Some do not think that the decision of removing Nawaz Sharif from the office was a fair one, some say that they are OK with the corruption as far as they can see these roads and Metros being built around them.

It appears that the recent campaigns from Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif and his daughter, Maryam Nawaz has sold the idea well to the public that the sole reason of removal of Nawaz Sharif from his office was only that he did not collect any salary from his own son’s company, where he was employed. There is no charge of any corruption on the Premiere and he had only been a victim of a grand ‘Conspiracy’.

The lack is on the part of the Judiciary and the political parties which were the petitioners in Panama Case. It is evident that the people on the grassroot level and having an average IQ do not really understand the verdict of the Panamagate. It was the responsibility of the Judiciary and the Political parties to educate people on grassroot level. Making them understand the implications through easy to understand examples and illustrations.

However, there is quite a number of people now, who appear to have changed their minds on the basis of Panama Case and its decision. It appears that some of the people believe that they should be led by a government which is clean from such stains of corruption. The show their resolve in standing up with the institutions of Pakistan, to ensure accountability, transparency and fairness in procedures.

Does PTI have a Chance?

Every cloud has a silver lining. While skimming through the video, it can be sensed that there are people who follow PTI and the number is swelling. However, whether the election day will see a turnout in the favor of PTI is still a grey matter. There is still time in the polls to be conducted and PTI may adjust its course of action which can really turn the tables for them. Even in 2013, the candidate of PTI, Dr Yasmeen scored an overwhelming 34.5% of the votes, standing as the first runner up.

This time, if PTI is able to gain a 15% add up on its existing vote bank, this can result in a clean sweep win. Panama has paved the way for them and it only needs a dedicated and a targeted campaign to avert 15% of the votes of PMLN. It is still a doable task.

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