Public Opinion on Panama Papers & PMLN’s performance from PM Nawaz Sharif’s constituency (NA 122)

Based on 11 million leaked files, the Panama papers challenged the financial credibility of many politicians and notables in Pakistan.

Considered as one of the biggest scandals of corruption, it specifically questions the eligibility of PM to hold the office.

Ever since the Supreme Court initiated investigation on the Panama case, public showed immense involvement in the entire scenario. has always worked on the basic idea that public is the ultimate power and their opinions matter the most.
So few days before the final decision of Panama, our team took to the streets of Lahore, precisely the constituency of the respected PM, to ask the residents about their thoughts and expectations. Voice Of YOUR Opinions

We, not only questioned the people verbally about PML-N’s performance but also conveyed the visual picture of the situation.

When inquired about the credibility of PM and confidence on Supreme Court, we observed a mixture of opinions.
Most of the people while expressing their reservations, say that every institution of this country including the judiciary is susceptible of political influence.

They said that judiciary is not independent, and the present leaders will influence their decision.

However, this is not the entire picture of public opinions. Some of the people also showed strong confidence in Supreme Court, saying that the decision will be completely fair as the case is being investigated by competent, experienced and unbiased people.

They expressed their views, saying that the decision will be something ‘’in-between’’, that will satisfy both government and the opposition.

On the other hand, some also called the entire case ‘exaggerated’ and nothing more than a manipulative tool for the upcoming elections.

When asked about the performance of the ruling PM in his own constituency, most of the people showed strong dissatisfaction.

They walked us through the streets, saying that the claims of “New Lahore’’ are only verbal and not practical.
They stated that the situation is the same, as they struggle with necessities like proper sewage system as well.

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