VIDEO: Iqra Aziz demands public execution for rapists, comments on the state of women rights in Pakistan

“And then we need to change the law so they can take a stand,” said Iqra.

In a recent web show with actor and host Iffat Omar, Pakistani actress Iqra Aziz opened up about many things. The young starlet talked about her childhood, how her career started, and the reaction towards her latest television serial, Jhooti.

She also discussed her marriage with Yasir Hussain, what made her fall in love with him, and what needed to be done to empower women in our society.

In conversation with Iffat, the Ranjha Ranjha Kardi actor discussed how, in our society, women are abused daily, and emphasized that the first thing that needed to be focused upon was their education so they could identify that abuse. “And then we need to change the law so they can take a stand,” said Iqra.

The Suno Chanda actor went on to emphasize how a rapist needed to be hung publicly so that he could be made an example of. “We need to execute rapists publicly. People may have varying opinions on this matter, but I believe that a person capable of rape can never live among other people without being a threat.”

Iqra concluded that until or unless we don’t publicly display the consequences of such a crime, we could not diminish it altogether. “You need to make an example of a rapist so others like him can never dare to do what he did,” she emphasized.

Here is the complete interview:

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