Punish A Muslim Day Was Celebrated In These ‘Horrifying’ Four Ways – Read Here

The hate-fueled campaign under the name ‘’Punish A Muslim Day’’ showed a distressing picture of the prevailing  Islamophobia in the Western societies.  If you are unaware, anonymous letters were sent across London declaring April 3rd as Punish a Muslim Day, awarding points for hateful acts like throwing acid and in extreme cases, even killing Muslims.

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So, here are the four ways in which April 3rd was celebrated:

  1. By Giving Away Gifts

The Christian community went and distributed gifts of gratitude to their Muslim neighbours. The day that was supposed to promote hatred, people rather promoted compassion and love. Gits were handed over, particularly to younger children telling them that they’re against promoting hate and recognize them as a part of their society.

  1. Forming A Human Chain To Protect Mosques

One of the tasks on the to-do list was to bomb a mosque. Little did the extremists know that several people will gather and form a human chain joining hand in hand to protect the sacred building.
About a hundred people formed a human chain around a mosque in Newcastle to show their resistance against any extremist and hateful activity. Outside London mosque, people distributed flowers among the Muslims who were there for prayers as a sign of peace.

  1. Counter Hashtag #LoveAMuslimDay

Thousands of people took to social media, expressing their appreciation and acceptability of the Muslim community as a part of their own. They sent messages of peace, love, and tolerance through this hashtag campaign that was quite meaningful and powerful.

  1. Free Coffee and SweetsA cafe owner handed out tea biscuits and sweets, calling April 3rd as banish hate day. This kind gesture touched many, sending out a strong message that if a community is strong and united against hate, nothing can bring them down.

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