‘Punish A Muslim Day’ In London – You Will Earn Points By Abusing, Beating And Throwing Acid On Muslims

It is believed that the extremist forces in Pakistan are evidently active because the society isn’t heterogeneous so there isn’t any acceptability of something different or new. But the extremism isn’t just a behavioral pattern associated with a particular religion or area, but in fact is observed in the most heterogeneous, multi-cultural and claiming liberal societies as well.

For example, take London. Being the economic hub of the entire world and one of the most rapidly developing locations, the iconic city houses people from every corner of the globe. But even that can’t control the hate crime specifically against Muslims. The trend is harrowing and worrying, as there has been an obvious 40% increase in these hateful activities against Muslims in London only.

One of these examples is this letter, that we are sure you must have seen across social media by now. Letters were sent to homes in East London, declaring 3rd April as ‘Punish A Muslim Day’. The content of it, though quite upsetting, declares points for making a Muslim suffer that day. It has options for verbally abusing them, physically, and even throwing acid. With that, the letter also has options of burning a mosque and nuking Mecca. Here is the letter:

The hateful letter soon made it to social media and people were surprised by the content and why the issue was not making enough buzz on mainstream media.


The Muslim community also expressed their concerns and voiced their opinions. They said that it is distressing how the matter is not being dealt with enough consideration as it needs immediate strict action. They further added that they and their children feel unsafe while stepping out of their homes. Here are some of the comments:



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