To ensure quality, Punjab To Ban Sale Of Unpacked Milk From 2020

Authorities have checked the milk quality of 40,000 outlets and had discarded 600,000 liters of milk in 2018 alone.

Umar Tanveer, PFA (Punjab Food Authority) chairman has announced, on Wednesday, that loose or open milk will be banned from 2020.

While talking to a seminar hosted by Pakistan Dairy Association (PDA), Umar said that spreading awareness of processed milk amongst farmers and consumers wasn’t easy, but with determination, PFA was successful in its goal.

Authorities have checked the milk quality of 40,000 outlets and had discarded 600,000 liters of milk in 2018 alone.

Dr. Nevzat Artik, the keynote speaker, associated with the Food Safety Institute University of Ankara, said that Pakistan has more cattle, sheep and goat milk than Turkey, but milk quality isn’t top-notch.

At the moment, dairy products exports from Turkey were around $325 million, and the country imported butter and cheese worth $92 million.

He said that the government should initiate a cooperative cooling system in rural areas, to help small farmers, who should run and manage the cooling systems.

On the way to improvement:

The goal of the seminar was to combine all stakeholders to share their suggestions and come to a decision that’ll help in improving the dairy industry. Another reason for the seminar was to talk about rules and regulations that’ll help supervise the provision of ‘unsafe’ milk in markets.

The event was opened with Syed Yawar Ali, Nestle Pakistan Chairman, and Mehboob Sultan, Federal Minister for Food Security and Research in the chair.

“Currently Pakistan is amongst the 5 largest dairy-producing countries in the world, yet unfortunately 95 percent of the milk traded in Pakistan is sold as loose milk, most of which is unhygienic or adulterated and is not providing our masses with the required nutrition they need resulting in problems such as malnutrition and stunted growth as highlighted by the Prime Minister in his inaugural address.” – said Sulaiman Monnoo, Pakistan Dairy Association Chairman.

He also appreciated the efforts of Punjab government, and their decision of introducing a ‘minimum pasteurization law’ that’ll make sure that all the milk being produced was free of any harmful component, and was in accordance with some nutritional standards, which made it safe for drinking.

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  • This is good. Milk standard should be same regardless which shop you buy it from.
    Givernment should regulate markeet using independent body.

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