Sindh Is Reporting Fake Data To IRSA To Procure More Water, Claims Punjab

According to reports, the Punjab government has alleged that the Sindh government has been manipulating the canal water availability data to procure an extra share of water at the cost of other provinces.

Punjab’s Minister for Irrigation, Mohsin Leghari, held a press conference in Lahore to discuss the matter. He was accompanied by the Minister for Wildlife and Fisheries, Samsam Bukhari, and the Minister for Livestock, Husnain Bahadur Dreshak.

While addressing the press conference in Lahore, Mohsin Leghari, said:

Sindh has been involved in data manipulation for a long time. The teams of the Indus River System Authority (IRSA) have repeatedly found more water at the Guddu, Sukkur, and Kotri barrages than was being reported by Sindh’s irrigation authorities.

Leghari called on IRSA to immediately stop the release of water to the Sindh province from the Mangla Dam and save water for the Rabi season.

A spokesperson for the IRSA confirmed Leghari’s statements, saying:

IRSA has reservations about the data quoted by Sindh on the availability of water in its canals.

However, the spokesperson didn’t identify any steps being taken to redress the complaint.

Punjab’s Minister for Irrigation further stated:

Punjab’s irrigation officials, deputed at the Sindh barrages, have been given fake numbers. The same numbers have been forwarded to the IRSA with no corrective measures.

During the press conference, Mohsin Leghari claimed:

IRSA has released 8,000 cusecs of additional water for Sindh from the Mangla reservoir on Tuesday despite a low inflow of water.

Following the revelation, Punjab’s Minister for Irrigation demanded that the IRSA revise its allocation of water for the other provinces in accordance with the growing shortage of water. He said:

The water shortage has jumped to over 30 percent against the earlier estimates of 10 percent during early Kharif 2021. However, instead of re-adjusting the provinces’ water shares per the new depressing reality, the IRSA released additional water for Sindh from the Mangla Dam based on earlier estimates.

Minister Mohsin Leghari fears that Pakistan might soon face a food security issue if the Mangla reservoir is not filled. He also worries that water for wheat sowing, at the end of the ongoing calendar year, will be scarce if IRSA doesn’t revise its allocation of water to provinces.

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  • Its time for sindh to unite against the theft of water from the center or punjab. No water for sindh and Karachi facing huge water crises.

  • Ye punjab chor humesha dosre provinces ka pani chori karta aya hai abi b karlia to konsi bari bat hai Kyo k Pakistan sirf Punjab hai..

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