Punjab education boards introduce major changes to grade improvement policy

The students studying in classes from ninth to twelfth can take advantage of the policy.

grade improvement policy

The Punjab Boards Committee of Chairmen held a meeting on the 11th of March to make minor policy changes that would help students if they needed to improve their grades by retaking an exam. 

According to a notification published by the PBCC, students have presented four examination opportunities to improve their marks by reappearing in the current syllabi within three years.

The students studying in classes from ninth to twelfth can take advantage of the policy.

Following are the changes made: 

1. For improvement of grade, a candidate will be provided with four examination opportunities in current syllabi within three years after passing the SSC or HSSC Examination. Students can avail the opportunity in the same subjects in which they previously passed the examination subject to the condition that they have not attained the higher qualification during this period. However, it will be the candidate’s preference whether they appear for revision of marks in any subject/subjects or part I or II or as a whole. Once the candidate’s result is improved, they will not be authorized to appear again in the exam.

2. Higher qualification means the completion of HSSC or equivalent for candidates appearing to improve SSC results. It is a competition for Associate Degree in Arts/Associate Degree in Sciences/ Bachelor of Studies or equivalent for the students appearing to improve HSSC marks.

3. The candidates appearing to improve their overall Grade “D” or “E” are permitted to avail themselves of four chances within three years till the achievement of an overall Grade “C” (50% marks).

4. The candidates appearing for improvement after two years from the passing of SSC/HSSC will have to provide an affidavit that they have not earned the higher qualification.

5. The Result Sheet and Certificate issued by the Board must reflect the number of attempts a candidate has availed.

7. As already notified by the POCC, only the candidates who appeared in SSC/HSSC Examination (Annual) 2020 and onward can benefit from the opportunity if they have not previously improved their results. The candidates having overall ‘D’ or ‘E’ grades may use their chances accordingly. 

Admission forms date

The schedule to get the application forms of SSC/HSSC of the candidates “who plan to avail improvement chance.” was also approved in a recently held meeting.

The schedule for receipt of the admission form within a single fee begins from the 1st to the 15th of April for 2022.

As per the notification, forms after the 15th of April will be received according to the prevailing rules of the boards. 

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