Punjab Food Authority Bans Slanty – And Pakistanis Are In Disbelief

Recently, the news of Punjab Food Authority’s ban on Slanty spread like wild fire.
And why not? We have loved it for years and still do!
Kolson Slanty is an important part of our childhood memories, and well, we all still are addicted to it.

Just recently, the news of PFA banning Slanty broke and whether we accept it or not, our hearts did skip a beat or two!

According to sources, PFA found the ingredients of Slanty as unhygienic and dangerous, especially for children.
The ingredients are found to cause diseases linking to liver and stomach.

Highlighting the decision, DG PFA Noor Ul Amin Mengal explained that the ban was imposed to safeguard the children as they are our future.
She said that the ingredients are found to cause diseases that can be fatal like cancer.
PFA has given the deadline of 1st October to all the manufacturing units to stop the production.

As expected, the news caused an outrage. Pakistani’s took to social media to express their love for Slanty and how this news has affected them.

Few wanted to stock up on it!

Others secretly prayed that the news has no reality to it


But, wait! There is more to that!

We found our light source in the darkness! LahoreNews.tv reported that the ban is imposed on the ‘colored’ slanty that is usually sold on the roadside.
Due to the ingredients used and the unhygienic environment they are manufactured in, they can be a leading cause of chronic diseases, especially in kids.
Further, this Slanty is usually sold by street hawkers and vendors without any proper packaging, so is exposed to dirt and pollution.

In the entire situation, Kolson Slanty is yet to show its response, and we are still waiting to listen to their formal take on the situation.

However, we are relieved that at least now our favorite Slanty is going nowhere.
Huge thanks to LahoreNews.tv for saving our day!

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