Will Punjab Government's solar project be cheaper than PMLN's solar park?

The cheapest solar project is being said to be 4 times cheaper than PMLN's project.

The Punjab Government signed an agreement with the Punjab Power Development Board, Alternative Energy Development Board, and Zhenfa Pakistan New Energy Company for the cheapest solar power generation in the history of Pakistan. The chief guests at the signing ceremony of the agreement were The Punjab Chief Minister, Sardar Usman Bazdar, and Federal Minister for Energy, Omar Ayub Khan.

Why is the project being set up for Punjab?

Usman Buzdar addressed the signing ceremony and said:

Punjab has higher energy requirements than any other province due to its population and developing economy. About 70% of the country’s produced electricity is used in Punjab. Punjab pays 82% of the total revenue of the country, which is generated from electricity.

Cheapest Energy Project Agreement

The CM Punjab reflected on the expensive power projects the former government had installed, stating that they burdened the people. Usman Buzdar said:

The PML-N government had signed a similar energy contract in Punjab at 14.1 cents per unit. Unlike in the past, our government is moving towards sustainable sources of affordable electricity. The Punjab government is trying to get all the energy needs from its resources under the Constitution of Pakistan.

According to the deal signed, private investors will set up a 100 MW solar power plant in the district Layyah with a tariff of only 3.7 cents.

Educational and Health Institutions to Be Solarized

The Chief Minister announced:

The schools, colleges, universities, primary health centers, and other government buildings will be shifted to solar power in phases. The government is working on converting 950 primary health centers in Punjab to solar energy. Punjab Energy Efficiency and Conservation Agency is providing technical advice for solar optimization of Lahore University of Engineering and Technology and other government institutions under the Department of Energy. Energy Conservation Building Codes have been prepared for power saving in Punjab. By implementing these, the Punjab government is pursuing a policy of saving billions of rupees.

Usman Buzdar further added:

The proposals to shift mega industrial units and projects like The Orange Line Train to alternative energy sources are also being considered. There are many investment opportunities in the energy sector. The government is fully supporting the investors.

The Provincial Minister for Energy, Dr. Akhtar Malik, said:

The world’s most expensive solar projects were implemented in Pakistan in the past, and the public treasury was ruthlessly wasted. However, now the Punjab government has signed a historic agreement. So far, 8,000 schools have been shifted to solar power, and 15,000 more will be powered by solar energy soon.

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  • We need a whole industry based around generation, distribution and maintenance. Millions of jobs could be created and trillions could be saved.

  • When this energy is added to our energy basket, what it will effect in terms of relief to common man?
    Further what is the guaranteed life of the project’s different components, what is the efficiency and what is output in kwhr or MWhr?

    • What’s the point are you trying to make, if any. Public will have to pay for the output and the rest is not the concern.
      If you are implying that Shehbaz”s deal had any justification then it has been discussed and shown several times on this forum that it was a wholly corrupt deal, a rip-off and a fraud at that time.

      Anyway, with time, the solar/storage technology is gradually progressing, and hopefully it has better than the earlier projects. In general, the efficiency (i.e. cell efficiency) > 20% or better, but project efficiency has several measures and variables ; design life is currently around 28-30 years- means the cells will keep converting energy but will need to be replace for optimal output.

  • There was too much dirt in bahwalpur
    pmln’s every project is like that, there is no thought behind it.

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