Punjab Government Bans Children’s Dance In Schools – Anyone Violating The Order Will Face Action

The Punjab Government has imposed a formal ban on dancing in schools, terming it immoral. As per Express Tribune, the ban has been imposed across the province, strictly ordering both public and private educational institutions to abide by it.

The step was taken as the act of dancing on functions was viewed immoral and against religious values. Further, any school that doesn’t follow the orders will have their licenses revoked.
As a part of notification reads as follows:
“During special occasions, such as competitions, parents day, teachers day and even orations there was a custom of students dancing on Pakistani and Indian songs, read a notification, adding that according to government rules, dancing has been banned regardless of the occasion’’.

It has been strictly directed to Deputy District Education Officers (DEO’s) to ensure the orders are being strictly followed in their respective areas. Anyone violating the ban including the teachers and heads of institutions will have to face serious concequences.

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The resolution said that western culture is being promoted through these inappropriate events, that have the tendency to turn the youth away from their own religious and cultural values. It also declared these DJ nights as a conspiracy of promoting Western culture among the youth.

It further stated: “This is against the eastern culture, values and is a violation of Pakistan’s ideology. Thereby, the house believes that ban should be imposed on this activity so that youth can be rescued from immorality. Silence of the educational institution authorities is also questionable.”

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