Punjab Government Makes Books, Audio Lectures For Grade 6 to 12 Available Online


E-learning and innovative teaching technique are much-needed initiatives the Pakistani education system requires. As we have been quite sluggish with updating our content or making it resonate with the modern education standards, the least that can be done is to change our teaching techniques for the improved transference of knowledge.

Punjab Government has taken a brilliant step in this regard, as they make all the books, content and lectures available online. Not only does the online learning opportunity accommodate everyone’s needs, but it also offers access to updated content and quick delivery of lessons. Students can now repeatedly access the lectures within the comfort of their homes. It provides an efficient mechanism and alternative method to boring classrooms lectures but also kills the need for academies and tuition centres where one has to additionally pay for.

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This will provide students with an opportunity to enhance scalability as virtual learning provides an equal opportunity, a slot for creating and communicating new training, concepts, ideas and policies. It will also ensure consistency, as the message can be communicated to the target audience in a more effective way. It ensures that all learners receive the same quality of education without any discrimination – as introducing a uniform education policy also remains a top priority of the incumbent government.

With abiding by the modern standards, it will also cut the additional cost and ensure that every student is availing equal opportunity at this level, giving us hope for improved results as well. In Pakistan where poverty is the biggest hurdle to education, this initiative will bridge the gap and pipe dream improved future prospects for the students.

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