[VIDEO] Punjab government’s rebuttal on the news of Khokhar Palace not being demolished

The Khokhars claim to have the documents for the land, which is valued at PKR 1.5 billion.

Khokhar Palace

The Lahore administration has demolished some parts of Khokhar Palace, the home of former PML-N MPA, Saiful Malook Khokhar.

The Palace is located in Johar Town, Lahore. The government has accused the Khokhar brothers of illegally occupying the property it is built on through fraud.

The Khokhars claim to have the documents for the land, which is valued at PKR 1.5 billion.

The rear entrance and walls of the Palace were wrecked on Sunday morning. There was a heavy police presence during the operation.

When they heard of the operation, the PML-N workers also started arriving at the Khokhar palace.

Speaking to Siasat.pk, the focal person to the CM Punjab, Azhar Mashwani, said, “. Two weeks ago, our teams visited the place, but the Khokar brothers called criminals and caused a disturbance. The government didn’t want any unfortunate incident to happen, so our teams came back.”

He further went on to say, “The Khokar group is notorious for its illegal occupation in Lahore. So the step taken by the government has sent a powerful message that no mafia in the PTI government can illegally occupy government land.”

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