Punjab Govt promises to make an 'example' of the LGS 1A1 harassment case perpetrators

Chairperson Child Protection & Welfare Bureau Punjab, Sarah Ahmad, revealed that the school did not respond when officers from the bureau went to the school.

The Punjab Government has vowed to announce exemplary punishments for the Lahore private school harassment incident perpetrators. The Punjab Government Spokesperson, Musarrat Cheema, said that an inquiry committee had been formed to investigate the incident. She also said:

These culprits will not only have to let go of their jobs, but they will also be punished according to the circumstances.

Musarrat Cheema encouraged the victims and their parents to come forward and speak up:

If their kids go through such an incident, they should inform the administration and tell the government. We will punish and remove the evil humans posing as teachers.

The Punjab Education Minister, Dr. Murad Raas, says that he will personally deal with the case.

The Education Minister lauded the students for their courage. He shared how these students had gone through severe mental anguish. Following this, he announced that the Provincial Government would bring a new act for the private institutions to minimize such evils:

A written complaint of the incidents is required, without which action cannot be taken. We are going to bring a new act for private schools. We are adding legislation on harassment to our laws.

The Education Minister stressed that the government would only be able to help people if they submit written requests of their ordeal.

Meanwhile, the Chairperson Child Protection & Welfare Bureau Punjab, Sarah Ahmad, revealed that the school did not respond when officers from the bureau went to the school.

Principal, Administrator and Coordinator Suspended

The Director of the institute, Nighat Ali, reports that all the five employees accused of harassing the female students have been fired from their jobs. Moreover, the principal, the administrator, and the coordinator covering up the incidents have been suspended.
She adds that an inquiry committee has been constituted to probe further into the matter:

The school has full authority to take legal action against the culprits. If the charges against the dismissed employees are proven, action will be taken against them.

The Allegations

On Sunday, June the 28th, dozens of girls took to social media to share accounts of harassment and inappropriate behavior.

The female students of Lahore Grammar School (LGS) 1A1, Ghalib Market branch, shared that the male teachers at their private school constantly preyed on them. The girls pointed fingers towards the management of the school and some female teachers too for fueling the fire and allowing the harassment to go on.

They said some of the staff and management kept brushing the constant complaints by the students regarding the matter, under the carpet. It gets even more sickening as most of the girls studying at the private school were minors.

The publicly shared victim accounts revealed that the sexual harassment incidents had been ongoing for the past four or five years. The students regularly reported the matter to the administration and the teachers; however, no one took action. In fact, they all resorted to victim-blaming.

There was no option left for the girls, but to share their ordeal on social media. So they came forward and called out three teachers, namely Aitezaz Rehman Sheikh, Umer Shareef, and Zahid Iqbal Warraich. As soon as the allegations surfaced and the matter became public, the administration took strict and immediate action by firing the accused male teachers of LGS 1A1.

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  • Isn’t it shame for Punjab government that the school administration didn’t cooperate with Child Protection Bureau? Government’s authority being ridiculed. Mafias everywhere!

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