Punjab Police Continues With Their Morally Corrupt Behavior: See How They Treated This Wounded Woman When She Reached Them For Help

One of the determining factors of a failed institution is when the saviours of the people become the abusers themselves. Punjab police is synonymous to corruption, abuse of authority and bribery and yet no one is willing to do anything against them or simply it has drenched so deeply in their roots that at this point it appears impossible to change the dynamics.
One of these incidents was brought to our notice. A woman, supposed name Saima, from Lahore near Data Darbaar was brutally beaten by her three younger brothers three months back. After losing hope in her own blood relations, she turned to police. Despite having all the medical reports and evidence that her nose was broken, an FIR was registered but the culprits weren’t arrested.

Source: DAWN

After that, Saima filed a case to get her due inheritance in her parent’s property, she was then again pressurized to take her case back and settle for the minimal amount of money. Upon her resistance, she was again brutally beaten by her brothers 15 days back and she again trusted police department. She reached police station covered in blood, brutally wounded.

Affected Woman (Supposed Name: Saima)

However, she was denied her right to FIR. SHO Akhtar and SP Ali Raza Shah, both of whom had relations with her brothers, insisted that they will settle the matter within police station without needing an FIR. Allegedly, she was also offered an amount of 1 million while her due share in the property is of 5 million worth.

She then tried to push her case to CCPO with the assistance of lawyers, however, Ali Raza Shah mistreated them in his office, abused them and pushed them out of the door. SHO Akhtar also has a prior history of harassing and illegally pressurizing people, which is why cases against him have also been registered in the magistrates’ court.
CM Punjab Shahbaz Sharif also took notice of the case, and still, SHO and SP have shown no flexibility in their morally corrupt behaviour. They are backed by the member of provincial assembly Bilal Yasin from the particular constituency, and the three culprits are his dedicated voters.

SP Ali Raza Shah
SP Ali Raza Shah

We are hopeful that this suppressed woman will find justice, but for how long this corrupt and illegally authoritative behaviour of police will remain unquestioned? When will Punjab Police be brought to accountability? How many denied justices, harassment and blows will we have to take to finally recognize we need to do our part?
Nothing will change unless we recognize our potential. Nothing will change unless we take a stand, socially boycott these irresponsible individuals and do the duty we have towards our society. Raise your voice now, or forever be silenced!

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