Punjab Police opens state-of-the-art ‘School of Investigation’ to improve police investigation

  • Mock crime scenes are also being used to practically display the crime scene enabling the investigating officials on how to collect the evidence.
  • Mocked trial courts have also been included to impart training to the police officials regarding presentations (reporting the investigations) within the court.


Several notable cases of police torture emerged in the recent scenario in which the worst torture by the police was seen and caused the deaths of many accused while in custody. These incidents also surged the need for bringing the police reforms in the letter and spirit.

The reason behind these deaths are probably the various torture methods used by the police to draw the confessional statements from those within the custody. Several illegal detention cells and extrajudicial killings are also part of the ills associated with the police’s investigations.

Department of police in Lahore, the capital city of Punjab, has established a new kind of ‘School of Investigation’ to increase the proficiency of police officials and to place a full stop on the traditional methods of convincing the accused to accept the crime.

These traditional methods used by the police not only physically harm the person in police custody but also challenges his mental state as violence inflicted against him begets only violence. The new School of Investigation is based in Chohing Police Training College Lahore.

Police officials must know how to handle the weapon, told an official to the BBC Urdu describing the new methods of investigations of police. This sort of training would help analyze the officials about the weapons used in firing incidents, about the direction of fire, and about the distance of firing weapon from the spot (of fire).

We are teaching the packing of weapons to the officials as well. Whenever one picks up any weapon from the squad one must deal with it in a way not to destroy the evidence such as fingerprints or any other evidence that can help mitigate the case, the police official said. The packing of weapons collected from the accused or from the crime scene must be packed carefully in order to preserve the evidence.

Usually confessions and forceful admissions, and torture including the third degree torture is used to investigate the crime but the new forensic sort of investigation that we are going to impart to the police personnel would enable them to collect the evidence from the crime scene themselves and this way they’d associate or disassociate the accused from the crime.

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Mock crime scenes are also being used to practically display the crime scene enabling the investigating officials on how to collect the evidence if a crime, supposedly, happens inside the vehicle or inside a bedroom, he continued.

Mocked trial courts have also been included, told the official, to impart training to the police officials that would guide them regarding presentations within the court for example how to report the investigation, how to communicate withing the court, and how to answer the cross-examination.

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