Punjab Police to purchase advanced GSM Locators to track crimes efficiently

The GSM locator can help identify which police vehicle or team is closest to a crime scene.

  • The Punjab Police has been planning to buy state-of-the-art tracking devices to control crimes.
  • The devices would enable the police to catch criminals in lesser time.

GSM locators
Punjab police to buy GPS Locators to ensure public safety.

The Punjab Police is all set to purchase the latest GSM locators to control criminal activities in the province.

The IGP Punjab, Inam Ghani, recently submitted a revised summary to the provincial government for a purchase order to obtain real-time tracking devices. It has been stated in the document that the procurement cost for the GSM locators is PKR 400 million.

The report asserted that modern navigation technology would enable the police to apprehend defendants in lesser time.

It is difficult for police officials to accurately navigate a crime scene after a victim or witness reports it. The GSM locator can help identify which police vehicle or team is closest to a crime scene. It also ensures that the police officers stay within their assigned zones.

Until recently, the Punjab Police had only fifteen GSM locators purchased a little over a decade ago. After procurement, the new devices will be dispatched to the CTD and the Special Branch Punjab.

The IGP Punjab has sent a detailed summary for the tracking devices’ purchase-order on the insistence of the Chief Minister of Punjab, Usman Buzdar.

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  • No doubt a very good step , but they should be educated before bringing the technology in , because thats what happened when gave everybody mobiles and internet without educating about beneficial use of it, and Who is going to govern how they will be used, you can give some bribe to Personnel of PP and they will use it for any purpose

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