Punjab Will Have Uniform Syllabus By March 2020

The incumbent government has shown commitment towards improving Pakistan’s education system and aims that introducing uniform syllabus across the country to make the system thoroughly inclusive. Undoubtedly equality will only be a fancy idea unless there is equal education.

Pakistan’s public schools will have a uniform syllabus by March 2020, says  Murad Raas, provincial minister for school education. Due to the shifts in the job market and modern education dynamics, the new syllabus will inculcate critical thinking to induce problem-solving skills in children.

“The current syllabus encourages rote learning and not critical faculties. This needs to be addressed.” – said Murad. He said that the syllabus, when ready, will be revealed to the public and discussions will be held to critically explore every aspect of it.

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Explaining further on what ‘uniform’ means, the minister added that government will first start by bringing madrassas and seminaries in the mainstream education bracket and will introduce similar syllabus there and then will later expand it to private schools as well.

“All three sources of education (government, private schools and seminaries) would have to have the same system of learning” – he said.

Speaking on the future of Daanish School System, Murad Raas said that they can’t defend it but can neither wind it up. He said that each student in Daanish Schools is costing Rs 18000 compared to 1400 in a government school. Such ‘dichotomy’ (division, split) cannot be justified. However, since the students studying in the school system have progressed to a certain level, winding it up will mean their progress going down the drain.

He said that committees have been formed to work on it and regular meetings are being held. The syllabus will be ready by August 2019 and books will be printed and will be available for the next March session.

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