Punjabi Lehar – YouTube channel which has reunited more than 200 families separated during partition [VIDEO]

During an interview, Nasir Dhillon revealed that he and his Sikh friend have so far reunited more than 200 families

Punjabi lehar has reunited two brother separated during partition

The decades long wait of two brothers, who separated during the partition of the subcontinent in 1947, finally came to an end when they embraced each other at the Gurdwara Darbar Sahib Kartarpur in Narowal.

The person behind reuniting these two brothers and many others like them is 37-year-old Nasir Dhillon, who runs a YouTube channel named Punjabi Lehar.

Recently, a number of videos of friends and families reuniting at the Gurdwara Darbar Sahib have gone viral. The most recent on is that of Muhammad Siddique, who lives in Faisalabad, and Sikka Khan, a resident of the northern state of Punjab in India.

During an interview, Nasir Dhillon revealed that he and his Sikh friend have so far reunited more than 200 families. “We run this web channel as a hobby. Our main focus is on the stories related to the partition,” he said.

Furthermore, Dhillon revealed that he also reunited two friends last year.

“Sardar Singh is now settled in America and his friend Raju’s family is living in Pakistan. We also facilitated the visit of Indian Punjabi singer Gippy Grewal to his native village Chak 47 Mansooran in Faisalabad,” he added.

According to the YouTuber, they have come across many cases in both India and Pakistan, where families got separated during the partition. Now, thanks to the Kartarpur Corridor, they are finally able to meet again.

Two brothers recently reunited:

Muhammad Siddique and Sikka Khan reunited a few days ago and now they are waiting for visas to spend a little more time together. During the partition, Siddique was with his father and sister at his home in a village in India, while his mother along with his brother had gone to meet her family in Phulewal.

Siddique, along with his father and sister, ran towards Faisalabad, when their village was attacked. However, his father was killed and his mother also ended her life upon hearing the news.

“I knew that my brother was alive,” Siddique told a foreign media outlet. “I am thankful to the family who took care of him. The moment I saw him, I ran towards him and hugged him. We cried for almost half an hour and inquired about each other’s journey.”

“I want to request the prime ministers of both countries to grant us special visas so we can meet each other for the rest of our lives,” he added.

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