QAU University requests ICT administration to conduct ‘clean-up’ operation against protesting students

On-campus academic activities in QAU Islamabad remain suspended as students protest against an ‘unjustified' fee hike.

An aerial view of Quaid e Azam University, Islamabad

According to various media reports, the Academic Staff Association of Quaid-e-Azam University (QAU) has requested the Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) administration to step in and conduct a ‘clean-up’ operation against the protesting QAU university students. The QAU staff has put forward the request in the form of a statement.

Quaid e Azam University students protesting

Why are the students protesting?

On-campus academic activities in QAU Islamabad remain suspended as students protest against an ‘unjustified’ fee hike. According to details, the first-semester fee of BS programs was Rs. 59,740 in 2019. It was increased to Rs. 76,030 in 2020 and then raised to Rs. 80,240 in 2021.

Students have argued that they were already struggling to pay the fee due to the pandemic, and the recent fee hike has only increased the financial strain. The protesting QAU university students have called on the QAU administration to announce the withdrawal of the fee hike notification immediately. They have also requested the ICT administration to quash cases registered against peacefully protesting students.

Quaid e Azam University students protesting with banners

The statement issued by QAU Academic Staff

In a statement issued on Saturday, the QAU academic association stated:

The university administration has fulfilled all genuine demands of the students, including a meaningful reduction in fees and other charges. However, some elements are still bent on holding the university hostage and refuse to accept the 29th of September agreement brokered by the Islamabad deputy commissioner.

The statement further as read:

Under the circumstances, the QAU Academic Staff Association appeals to the government and all stakeholders in the higher education sector to come forward and announce the resumption of the normal functioning of the university. All illegal residents of the QAU hostels need to be expelled for the campus to be secured. Only then can the university hope to resume normal functioning. Failure to take the matter seriously will certainly compel faculty to return to work and jeopardize the academic prospects of thousands of students.

In conclusion, the statement said:

The QAU administration and faculty are of the view that there can be no question of a reversal of disciplinary actions or indemnification of past offenses on the part of current or former students engaged in the recent protests. The sense of security [that is the right of faculty, students, and staff] has been shattered by the attacks on senior scholars and security personnel and the damage done to the server room of the computer networking cell. We urge the ICT administration to take action against those students facing cases for causing a disturbance on the QAU campus and carry out a clean-up operation at hostels and in surrounding areas where the violent protesters are believed to be hiding and located.

Reports state that the ICT administration is yet to respond to the QAU Academic Staff Association’s statement.

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  • As per my personal experience there are two groups in the academic as well as in administrative staff. In these two groups one group support meritocracy and the others recommendationist and bias environment. As per the fee as a public sector university its fees are high than other university like IIUI, Numul and other as well. Most of the supervisor and seniors professors are engaged to generate income both by self research and the research of students as an exploitation means.

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