Ahsan Khan’s drama serial ‘Qissa Meherbano Ka’ lauded for highlighting marital rape

Culture critic Mahwash Ajaz lashed out at those cancelling the drama serial for highlighting a serious issue in the society.

Qissa meherbano ka

You can disagree with the portrayal of the harsh reality of our society – marital rape – in Qissa Meherbano Ka without a trigger warning but it has indeed kick-started a much-needed conversation. In a society where you get to hear things such as ‘auraton ko konsay haqooq chahiye‘ everyday, the creators, despite knowing the risks, opened a long due conversation about marital rape.

Qissa Meherbano Ka has received a mixed reaction from the fans with the majority of them lauding the drama serial for taking the bold step of portraying this harsh reality. Reacting to episode 16 of the drama serial, social media users appreciated the creators when the majority of society is not ready to recognize marital rape as an offense.

“Marital Rape exists,” wrote Faiza on YouTube. She praise Mawra Hocane’s character in the drama and hoped that her character would find the courage to move on. Another user appreciated Qissa Meherbano Ka as it’s the only drama showcasing marital rape.

Culture critic Mahwash Ajaz lashed out at those canceling the drama serial for highlighting a serious issue in society.

One of the scenes from the drama getting backlash is when Mehru tells her niece that her husband has every right to treat her likes this. However, Mawra Hocane clarified that the “dialogue was a sarcastic representation of our society because that is what’s believed.”

A number of users also disagreed with an episode of Galaxy Lollywood’s popular YouTube show, where the drama, particularly the scene highlighting marital rape, was discussed. The user wrote that marital rape is “extremely prevalent amongst married women and especially in the desi community.” He was glad that the Qissa Meherbano Ka highlighted marital rape.

“Maybe Aamma needs to broaden her horizon and speak with women around her. Very much taboo and very few would probably speak up about it.”

“Dear amma, daughters are not getting terrified of marriage by watching this drama, they are learning from it. Our girls should be encouraged to discuss such topics openly so that many such Mehrbano’s can be saved,” wrote another user.

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