Administration confirms gang-rape of a Quaid-e-Azam University student in Islamic University

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gang raped

In a horrific incident, a student of the Quaid-e-Azam University has been gang-raped in the Islamic University of Islamabad.

According to details, three days ago, the 24-year-old victim who worked as a delivery boy to cover his expenses went to deliver at the Islamic University’s hostel number one. He was abducted in the Hostel of the Islamic University and subjected to abuse by three men.

Speaking to a source, the IIUI Rector, Mason Yasinzai, confirmed the incident and said the two assaulters had been in contact with the victim on social media.

The Rector stated the incident took place during the early hours of Friday morning. The victim emerged from the hostel, and the guards became alarmed as he fell on the floor. He added that the security officer at the hostel rushed to the scene and took the victim to a hospital.

“The incident was confirmed when the security officials raided the hostel. The two offenders were illegally living there as the room was not assigned in their names,” Mason said.

Yasinzai added that both assaulters, who were students of IIUI, had been rusticated while the head of the Students Disciplinary Committee had also been terminated.

A journalist said the university administration allegedly stopped the victim from registering a case against the culprits.

One of the suspects is said to be the brother of an influential university official.

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  • Allah ka wasta kisi ek ko misaal bana do, yeh saray kanjar khud hi sedhay ho jayen gye. Ink liya itna soft corner mashra tabah kar day ga.

  • Wow….now the propaganda will start as after Islamic Terrorism now Islamic Rapist.
    These monsters should be publicly whipped.

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