Qualified Pakistanis from int’l banks have served as Governors State Bank before – Durrani reminds Bilawal

Durrani responded to Bilawal Bhutto's comments regarding appointment of governor State Bank.

Iftikhar Durrani responds to Bilawal.


Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Media Iftikhar Durrani has reminded opposition leader Bilawal Bhutto that qualified Pakistanis have served in the position in the past as well. Moreover, Durrani shared the list backing his statement.

Bilawal Bhutto commented on the appointment of new governor State Bank, to which Durrani said it has been done in the past. Contrary to Bilawal’s past statement, Durrani advised him to hire a qualified and well-researched media team.

Qualified Pakistanis have served as Governors State Bank before:

Qualified Pakistanis came to serve in the past as well.


Responding to Bilawal Bhutto’s comments regarding the appointment of governor State Bank, Iftikhar Durrani took to Twitter to voice his opinions. He tweeted that PPP Chairman is in desperate need to hire a qualified media team that can research and then brief him on Pakistani issues.

”Qualified Pakistanis serving International institutions on various posts have been appointed as Governors of State Bank and other govt organizations, however, critics and have a selective memory issue.”

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‘Accidental Chairman has selective memory issue’

Speaking about Bilawal’s statement, Durrani said qualified Pakistanis came to serve in time of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) as well. Furthermore, he said Bilwal is habitual of forgetting it conveniently.

Iftikhar Durrani reminded that Dr Muhammad Yaqoob came from IMF in 1993. He stayed as governor for six years under PPP and PML-N governments. He also mentioned Dr Ishrat Hussain, who came from World Bank in 1999 and served for six years as governor as well.

Durrani alternatively added that Shamshad Akhtar came from Asian Development Bank too. Shamshad served for 3 years while Yasin Anwar and Ashraf Wathra also performed services in international banks outside Pakistan.

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